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Homes To Love – How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Small Kitchen Design

Small Kitchen Tips

Working with a small kitchen can prove difficult or tricky, but it really doesn’t have to be if you have the right resources.

Our Managing Director, Josh Mammoliti shares his best tips on how to overcome small spaces, and create the best kitchen ever.

Where to begin

Start with a wish-list of essential features or functions for your dream kitchen and rank them in order of importance.

More often than not with a small kitchen design you will have to sacrifice or compromise on one of your dream features.

Remembering what is important to you will always keep you grounded and make the decision making process much easier.

For instance, is a large sink more important than a large dishwasher?

You may sacrifice a double bowl sink in favour of a single bowl sink and a large dishwasher or alternatively keep a double bowl sink and opt for a single dishwasher drawer instead.

Small kitchen layouts

It does depend on your space, but straight-line kitchens are usually the go-to for a small space.

By only taking up a single wall you can often fit all the essentials in a cleverly laid out design.

If your kitchen / living area allows for an open-plan concept then adding an island bench with seating to a straight line kitchen will instantly create additional storage, a place to gather and eat and means you don’t need a separate dining room table.

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