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Inside Out – Top 5 Regrets Of First Home Renovators

Renovate without regret! Inside Out Magazine gets some expert advice from our Managing Director, Josh Mammoliti on how to get the best blue space from those who have done it themselves.

#1 Over spending

Budgeting is critical. You need to know your boundaries, along with knowing what you really want to achieve with your renovation. If you’ve always dreamed of a freestanding bath, and don’t include it, you’ll regret it. Also be prepared for surprises, especially when you start bringing up tiles or moving plumbing – what lies behind the walls can often be a shock to the wallet!

#2 I shouldn’t have done that myself

We all like to think we are multi-talented weekend DIY warriors, and the attractiveness of a DIY price tag and potential satisfaction of doing a job ourselves can sometimes over run our abilities. Keep in mind that often when attempting to do a specialist trade job yourself, you will end up spending more in the end because getting the specialists to fix up mistakes comes with a high cost.

#3 My friends are laughing at our mismatched bathroom

Matching products and making colour choices that last the test of time doesn’t have to be daunting, it can actually be the fun part! Make sure you choose colours and tones that are timeless, not jarring. You can always add colour and personality with decor items. If you get stuck, take a look at ready-made bathroom packages for inspiration.

#4 That took way longer than I thought

It’s good to have your expectations at the right level when it comes to renovations. Remember The Block timelines aren’t as realistic in real life; there are so many trades in the process, so lining up trades perfectly will always be a juggling act of scheduling.

#5 Do it once, do it right

When completing a renovation in which you plan to live in, keep in mind you will have the same bathroom, kitchen or laundry for years to come. These areas are the most used rooms in your home and the most valuable when it comes to selling. Make sure you use quality fixtures and fittings and no corners are cut. Repair anything that needs fixing or tweaking while trades are in and tiles are out, it will be worth it.

P.s. don’t neglect your laundry

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