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2023 Backyard Design Trends

Backyard Ideas

Styling your backyard may seem like a big task, however, there are a few quick wins that you can implement into your home to keep your backyard looking fresh and on trend in 2023. Although, if you try to incorporate too many trends into one, your space can look cluttered or unkept. Sometimes, simple is best and can keep your space looking modern and clean. Continue reading to find your perfect backyard design trend.

1. Level Up Your BBQ Game

Think long lunches or those Summer nights under the stars with friends & family. Boasting a beautiful BBQ area is truly a game changer and reminiscent of the Australian lifestyle. And you guessed it, a BBQ is one of our must haves for backyard entertaining! Depending on your space, select a BBQ that is suitable and does not take up too much room. Smaller models such as a Weber are perfect for smaller verandahs, while a full size BBQ is perfect for larger areas with designated seating nearby.

Another variation of the BBQ is a firepit or smoker. Used either alone, or in conjunction with your BBQ, these two tools are sure to impress your guests. Think smoked meat or roasted veggies taken to the next level.

When it comes time to enjoy your freshly cooked dinner, serve up and take a seat. Outdoor furniture can really set your space apart from others. Think comfort and practicality when planning your seating arrangements. If you plan to host dinner parties or serve a meal, an outdoor setting that includes a table and chairs is paramount. This encourages conversation and brings everyone together. If you have a mix of furniture or different seating areas, this can feel disjointed and distant.

Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture

  • Measure your space & the furniture you plan to buy
  • Consider the colour scheme, neutrals remain classic where colours may go out of style
  • Will you want one main seating area or many conversation pits
  • Weather proof furniture is a must

Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture

  • Measure your space & the furniture you plan to buy
  • Consider the colour scheme; neutrals remain classic where colours may go out of style
  • Will you want one main seating area or many conversation pits
  • Weather proof furniture is a must

2. Grow Your Own Veggie Patch

As we move into a more sustainable way of living, home grown produce will be the number one priority. Herbs, fruit and vegetables are a fantastic way to add colour and interest to your backyard - and they don’t need to be complicated either! A few of our favourite ways to introduce a veggie garden into your space include a vertical garden, a tiered garden or a classic garden layout.

A vertical or wall veggie patch is for those smaller spaces that need a bit of a freshen up. These are convenient in that they can be simply hung to an outside wall or fence without taking up too much space. Wall gardens are a fantastic way to grow flowers and herbs, while adding a feature statement to your verandah or balcony. One downfall to this option is that they cannot hold many fruits or vegetables.

Tiered veggie patches are a great innovation for smaller backyards that have good sunlight & space. A tiered garden works in a way in which the garden is built up, with different levels for different plants. This option is fantastic as it does not take up too much space, and can hold more produce.

Your classic veggie garden often runs along a fence or can be positioned in an area of your backyard that does not take up too much space. This style of veggie garden is perfect as you can include many different fruits, herbs and vegetables. This is a fantastic way to introduce natural products into your lifestyle, and can assist in reducing your carbon footprint!

3. Grow a Vertical Garden 

Much like our above recommendation to grow a vertical veggie garden, you can grow a vertical garden to harbour flowers and plants for a more aesthetically pleasing look. A vertical garden is perfect for smaller spaces, or large ones too, where you do not want to compromise on floor space. Vertical gardens can either be attached to a wall or fence, or you can look to installing a freestanding shelf that is suitable for the outdoors. Gardens are a great way to let your character shine, with a whole range of flowers and plants readily available and suitable for this style of garden. Vertical gardens are an easy to maintain backyard idea.  

4. Create an Indoor-Outdoor Space

The hybrid model of bringing the outside in, is here to stay in 2023. This trend favours large french doors or dividing doors that can be fully opened to combine the two spaces. These spaces are fantastic when you move from the inside to an undercover patio or verandah before fully opening up to your backyard. While this trend may require a little more work on your current place, this is a perfect solution to upgrade your home. When combining the two, we recommend suitable lighting, as well as an outdoor fan - perfect for those Summer afternoons. Another must have when opening up your indoor space to the backyard, is smart home technology. This is a fantastic addition and works to keep your family safe. Some of our favourites are below. We also love the introduction of curtains across this space, as you can open up your doors but still keep your inside cool and shady.

5. Make Your Space Accessible 

For all of your friend and family fun to continue, we recommend making your space accessible! Whether that means including handrails along step stairs, or ample walkways between areas, this is a number one must have if you are renovating your backyard. Say goodbye to stepping stones or small rocks as paths. Introduce large tiles or modern concrete slabs to ensure your space is wheelchair or friendly to those on crunches too. A backyard is a space for all to enjoy, so we recommend keeping this at the forefront of your mind when it comes time to plan your layout.

Some of our other Outdoor Favourites include>

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