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22 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you have a Small Bathroom?


Are you scrambling to find a designated spot for your towels, shampoo bottles, face creams and hairstyling tools? You’re not alone! Bathrooms, in general, can lack space but finding enough storage in a small bathroom can be more challenging. Having to squeeze things in here and there can seem like a real-life game of Tetris!

Your bathroom should be a place where you feel calm and relaxed, but did you know clutter can have a psychological effect? Studies show it can interrupt your ability to think clearly. Cluttered spaces also make your bathroom feel even smaller.

With some clever thinking, you can turn your bathroom into a serene, well-organised and full-functioning space.


Here are our Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Mount a Towel Rail or Towel Rack

Housing towels in your vanity takes up much-needed space, so why not hang them? Towel racks and towel rails are practical bathroom storage solutions for those with less square footage. They’re great at creating a visual element and ensuring your towels dry properly. Check out our range of ladders here.


Utilise space above the toilet

The area above your toilet is wasted wall space (unless you have a window directly above it). Utilise it with a vertical shelving unit that stands on the floor and slips right over the toilet. What you choose to store or display here is completely up to you.


Insert Storage containers under the sink

Containers are an excellent storage solution for maximising space in this area. They’re available in a range of sizes, and you can stack them up one on top of the other on a shelf divider/stand (just be mindful of the plumbing). Bathroom storage ideas for under the sink are endless if you get a little creative.


Install Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are an easy addition and can fit pretty much anywhere. Use them to hang your towel, a snazzy robe or a back scrubber. They come in various colours so you can match them to the rest of your bathroom accessories.


Hang a shower basket

A shower basket is a cost-effective way to get important products off the shower floor. They’re available as a single basket or double basket, and can either be suction capped on or drilled into the wall with minimal fuss.


Consider a Tallboy Cabinet

Say goodbye to a messy vanity top and hello to hidden storage! A skinny tallboy gives you a place to keep all those items you simply can’t live without. They create an intriguing focal point and are available in a variety of styles.


Invest in a shower niche

Shower niches permanently sit in the cavity wall that allows extra storage for all your bathing products. They reduce the need for any bulky shelving and are a fantastic asset to have in any small bathroom.


Choose a Mirrored Shaving Cabinet

A mirrored shaving cabinet is a bathroom storage idea that’s two-in-one – it holds ample storage and creates the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. They’re available in different sizes and are designed to suit any bathroom style.


Choose your vanity wisely

Choose a vanity that doesn’t take over too much floor area as it will only make your bathroom look cramped. Our Allie Compact Vanity will fit in even the smallest of bathrooms and can be customisable to suit your bathroom layout.


Mount a Shower Shelf

Create a sense of order in your shower by placing products on a shower shelf. They’re easy to install and are available in a mix of colours to suit any bathroom theme.


Get a Drawer Organiser

Drawer organisers are a budget-friendly and efficient way to ensure your little items including makeup and cotton tips, are kept safely and neatly. They have different dividers, allowing for easy arrangement and accessibility.


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