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Why we love Stone Sinks

Why buy a stone sink?

Composite or granite sinks are sometimes referred to as Quartz sinks. Over time these sinks will likely replace stainless steel sinks, particularly for domestic use.

They are available in White or Black (aka Onyx or Anthracite, the name depending on the manufacturer), and configured for either top mount, undermount or flush mount with the choice of either single or double bowls.

The beauty of these sinks is that they add an extremely sophisticated element to your kitchen and usually have matching accessories such as drainers, colanders, chopping boards, etc.

These extremely durable sinks are manufactured using 80% granite and quartz and 20% acrylic to produce a highly resilient, scratch proof and heat resistant product which is virtually unbreakable. This high level of durability is obtained thanks to an extremely high density of quartz and granite particles in the surface of the sink.

Simple Care


Another distinct advantage is that stone sinks are extremely easy to maintain. Every couple of months or so simply drop washing powder into the bowl, fill with hot water, leave for about 60 minutes and rinse out and then, hey presto, all bright and beautiful again.

For every day care, it is wise to not leave washing up water in the sink for any length of time. It is not recommended to use full strength bleach or cleaners with ammonia or abrasive cleaning instruments.



The very best quality composite sinks are manufactured in Europe, particularly in Italy and Germany, for example, Oliveri and Phoenix. In fact Australia's number one sink manufacturer, Oliveri, based in Adelaide since 1947, have their stone sinks manufactured in Italy and offer a Lifetime Warranty. They are clearly very confident in the quality of their products.

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