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Freestanding Baths

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  • Fienza Claw Foot Freestanding Slipper Bath Semi-Gloss White Feet - The Blue Space
    Original price $1,799
    Current price $1,529

    Fienza Claw Foot Bath - Semi-Gloss White Feet

    Freestanding claw foot design makes a luxurious statement piece for your bathroom renovation Chrome claw feet Gloss White Acrylic bath Traditiona...

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  • Turner Hastings Cambridge 156 TitanCast Freestanding Stone Bath - The Blue Space
    Original price $5,939
    Current price $5,211

    Turner Hastings Cambridge 156 TitanCast Freestanding Bath

    Freestanding design makes a luxurious statement piece for your Hamptons style or traditional bathroom renovation TitanCast solid surface material...

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Immerse Yourself in a Stunning Freestanding Bath

Indulge in the immediate sensation of luxury and relaxation. Freestanding baths have become a staple in modern homes, and here are a few reasons why:

Easy Installation

  • Requires no frame, eliminating the need for complex construction.
  • Installation, as the final step, reduces the risk of damage during multiple trades.


  • Occupies the same space as a traditional bath but offers a larger inside area for a more relaxing, deep soaking experience.
  • Get some "me time" by unwinding and enjoying your own personal oasis after a long day.


  • Elevates your bathroom with a standout hero piece.
  • Adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any bathroom.

Ease of Use

  • Allows access from all sides, making it perfect for bathing children.
  • Convenient for individuals with mobility issues, offering easy assistance from any angle.

Practical solutions for your bathtub needs

Freestanding bathtubs are incredibly easy to install with no frame required. While a traditional bath needs to be "built-in" — often meaning a carpenter builds a frame — a plumber beds it in, then a tiler covers over it, and your bath is installed. With a freestanding bath, it can be installed as the final step in your bathroom installation, meaning the chances of it being damaged by multiple trades are slim. Once installed, you will have access from all sides, meaning these bathtubs are perfect for bathing your children. They are also ideal for people with mobility issues as assistance rails can be fitted where appropriate, or a carer can easily assist from any angle without impacting access space.

Relax in total comfort

Luxury freestanding baths take around the same amount of floor space as a traditional drop-in bath. However, they also have a larger inside area. This means that a deep, all body soaking experience is easier to achieve. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long day and will give you well-deserved "me time", which does not include trying to angle your body to get that fully immersed luxuriousness that free-standing bathtubs offer. Incorporating a pop-down waste will remove any potential discomfort from catching the plug, or accidentally emptying your bath, guaranteeing your bath time remains as decadent as you desire for as long as you like.

Endless choices in style 

From the old school charm of the features of the V-Groove design to the super modern design of the Aveo, you will find the ideal solution to your desired bathroom style in our extensive bathtub range. You may wish to install a freestanding bath in Australia, or perhaps you prefer a built-in tub or a back to wall tub. No matter your preferred style, The Blue Space has you covered. Our range also extends to the superior luxury of spa baths, so you can rest assured there will be no limitations to just how deluxe your bathing experience promises to be when shopping with us.

Your options are not limited to style or shape

Our baths are of the highest quality and standard to ensure you not only receive the bathtub of your dreams but one that will stand up nicely to maximum usage. We understand aesthetics do not end at the style and shape of your tub. The material it is constructed from can play a big part in giving your bathroom a personalised style. This is why we offer choices such as steel, acrylic and stone. Each material has its own advantageous properties, so you simply need to choose the one that is right for you and your family’s needs.

Purchase the bath of your dreams online at The Blue Space

There’s no better time to give your bathroom the hero piece you have always wanted. A free-standing bath will stand out in any area and offers you all the practicalities, style and comfort you seek. Contact us today to discover just how amazing your bathroom can actually be.

How does the waste work on a freestanding bath?

A freestanding bath requires drainage much the same as a traditional built-in bath. You can choose to have your pipework as a design feature that can be quite eye-catching in a more traditional style or have it installed below the flooring to be completely concealed, leaving a sleek and smooth finish. The options are entirely up to you on how your tapware and drainage are installed.

Do you tile under a freestanding bath?

There is no need to tile under a freestanding bath if it is flush with the floor. If your freestanding bathtub is on legs, it will give a much cleaner finish when placed on a tiled floor. If you have a bath that sits flush with the floor and you have chosen either to tile or not tile underneath it, your installer will add some silicone beading to the edges of your bath, ensuring a good seal against dust, moisture and dirt.

How far from the wall should a freestanding bath be?

It is recommended to have a minimum 50mm gap between your freestanding bathtubs and any rigid structure such as walls or vanities. This will allow for any slight movement there may be when entering or exiting your bath. The look you want to achieve in your bathroom will more than likely dictate the placement of your freestanding bath.

Are freestanding baths fixed to the floor?

Your tub may be fixed with caulk but in general, it is not solidly fixed as is the case with built-in bathtubs. This can result in a very slight movement when you use your bath, which is why a recommended distance is given from rigid structures. It minimises any potential damage.

Are freestanding baths any good?

The total immersion depth of a freestanding bath makes it a pleasure to soak in. It also creates an incredible aesthetic in your bathroom as opposed to a fixed bath sitting in a corner. If you add a pop-down waste, your bathing experience will rival that of a 5-star hotel or spa. We believe freestanding bathtubs are the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Can you have a freestanding bath in a small bathroom?

Just as bathrooms come in all sizes and shapes, so do freestanding bathtubs. This ensures the majority of small bathrooms that could accommodate a traditional built-in bath can also fit a freestanding bath that does not clutter your floor space or make the room feel closed in and less spacious. If space is an issue, think about a back to wall freestanding bath or a corner freestanding bathtub.

Are freestanding baths more expensive?

The answer to this question depends largely on your existing bathroom, installation needs and style preferences. Fewer trades are required to install a freestanding bath. However, depending on how your existing pipework is installed, the plumbing costs could be higher. To get a more accurate answer to this question, we recommend contacting us or discussing with your builder to learn more about costs outside of your actual bath purchase.

What are the advantages of a freestanding bath?

Apart from aesthetics and comfort that are superior to a built-in bath, a freestanding bath gives you the freedom to install your bathtub exactly where you want it placed. Depending on your bathroom size, you may want to make it a central feature in your bathroom or have it beside a floor-length window to enjoy views from your tub.

From a design and practicality perspective, you will have greater options for placement than a traditional built-in tub. Also, being fitted after your tiler, cabinetmaker, and plumber have finished means less opportunity for accidental damage during your bathroom fit-out.