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Shower Baths: The Ultimate Space-Saving Luxury

In the quest for efficient and stylish bathroom designs, shower baths present a compelling solution. They offer the experience of a bath with the practicality of a shower, making them ideal for small spaces. This article delves into the world of shower baths, showcasing their benefits, design considerations, and how to select the perfect model to complement your bathroom renovation.

The Best of Both Worlds: Shower Baths Explained

Shower baths are ingeniously designed to provide the functionality of both a shower and a bath in one unit. Perfect for bathrooms where space is at a premium, they ensure you don't have to compromise on comfort or convenience. We'll explore the features that make shower baths a versatile choice for modern homes.

Design Features of Shower Baths

Extra Wide Widths

Shower baths are typically wider than standard baths to accommodate comfortable showering. This section will discuss the importance of choosing the right width for your needs and how it enhances the showering experience.

Enhanced Grip in the Base

The base of shower baths often features extra grip to ensure safety while standing. Learn about the design considerations that go into creating a slip-resistant base, making shower baths a safer option for families.

Innovative Water Splash Solutions

A common concern with shower baths is water splashing onto the floor. Innovative design features, such as a thin lip around the edge, effectively direct water back into the tub. This segment will cover how these features work to keep your bathroom floor dry.

Choosing the Right Shower Bath

Selecting the perfect shower bath involves considering several factors, including depth, length, and material. This section offers practical advice on choosing a model that meets your needs, ensuring a balance between comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

Pairing with Tapware

To complete your shower bath setup, selecting the right tapware is crucial. Whether you prefer wall showers or bath taps, this guide will provide tips on matching your shower bath with quality tapware that complements its design and functionality.

Installation Tips for Shower Baths

Proper installation is key to maximising the benefits of a shower bath. This section will outline essential considerations and steps for installing your new bath, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. We always recommend a licensed plumber install all bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining your shower bath ensures its longevity and keeps it looking new. Discover simple yet effective maintenance tips and cleaning recommendations to protect your investment.

Shower baths offer a practical and stylish solution for small bathrooms, combining the luxury of a bath with the convenience of a shower. By understanding the key features, design considerations, and installation tips, you can choose the perfect shower bath that enhances your bathroom's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Embrace the elegance and efficiency of a shower bath and transform your bathroom into a versatile and inviting space.

Tips To Make A Bath And Shower Combination Work In Your Space

  • Make sure the bath you choose for your shower bath combo has an anti-slip base, this will ensure it is safe to use standing up.
  • Where you can, opt for a stylish frameless glass shower screen over a traditional shower curtain, they not only look stunning but are also much easier to clean.
  • Lastly, remember less is more in a bathroom space. A clean, uncluttered layout will make your bathroom look bigger then it actually is. You can install a recessed shelf so shampoo and soaps are readily accessible and still tucked away neatly.

Not sure which bath and shower to pair together? Contact us on (02) 9674 1000 and we can help put together a package for your space and design.

If you haven't found what you are looking for see our range of island baths, clawfoot baths or back to wall baths.

How do I choose between different types of shower baths?

Choosing between different types of shower baths depends on your bathroom’s layout, size, and your personal preferences. Evaluate the available space in your bathroom to ensure a comfortable fit and check for compatibility with your existing plumbing. Factor in the bath's depth and length for overall comfort, especially if you have mobility considerations or small children.

What are the safety features to look for in a shower bath?

Safety features in a shower bath include an anti-slip base. Please ensure the glass shower screen is made of toughened safety glass if you are opting for a glass shower screen. These features are crucial for preventing accidents, especially in family bathrooms.

How can I maximise space with a shower bath in a small bathroom?

To maximise space in a small bathroom, choose a shower bath designed with space-saving in mind, such as corner models or shorter lengths that still provide ample room for showering and bathing. Installing a glass shower screen instead of a shower curtain can also make the space appear larger. Additionally, opting for wall-mounted taps and a showerhead can free up more bath area, making the space feel less cramped.

What are the latest trends in shower bath designs?

The latest trends in shower bath designs focus on combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Space-saving designs that don’t compromise on comfort or style are popular, with sleek, minimalist lines and low-profile shapes.

How do I match tapware with my shower bath?

Matching tapware with your shower bath involves considering the design and finish of both the bath and the tapware to create a cohesive look. Opt for tapware that complements the style of your bath—modern baths pair well with sleek, minimalist taps, while traditional baths may suit more ornate fixtures. Ensure the finish of your tapware, whether it's chrome, matte black, or brushed brass, aligns with other metal elements in your bathroom for a unified aesthetic.