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Types of ADP Basins

When you purchase an ADP vanity*

Quality Basins for your Bathroom

ADP are known for their beautiful custom made vanities, so why not pair one of these vanities with a stunning ADP basin. These basins are available in a range of options including; inset, semi inset, above counter and undercounter, with solid surface or glazed options available.

Read on to find out more about each of the styles of basins ADP has to offer!

Inset Basins

Inset basins are one of the most popular basins in Australia, giving you both an undercounter and above counter style basin.

These basins sit partly above the counter and partly below, giving you plenty of space in your cabinet underneath whilst not taking up too much of your bench space either.

Undermount basins are great for stone vanity benchtops, as they allow the stone to be the feature in your bathroom.

These basins sit below the surface, meaning your bench space is absolutely maximised. It's the perfect option for families and those of you needing a little extra space in your bathroom.

Undermount Basins

Undermount Basins

Undermount basins are perfect partners for stone vanity benchtops, allowing the stone to become the feature in your bathroom.

As the basin sits below the surface your bench space is maximised, perfect for families or busy bathrooms or where space is at a premium.

Above Counter Basins

Above counter basins make for great feature pieces in a bathroom. They also grant you with the maximum amount of space in your vanity unit below.

Available in a range of shapes and styles, there's something for every bathroom with this type of basin!

Semi recessed basins are made to overhang at the front of your vanity. This style of basin is suited for children or people that have difficulty accessing deeper set basins.

They are also a good option for narrow bathrooms with slim vanities, as they won't take up a large amount of space.

Semi Recessed Basins

Wall Hung or Mounted Basins

Wall hung basins are mounted directly to the wall and do need to be installed into a vanity unit.

These style of basins are great for powder rooms or small spaces that don't require a great deal of storage in the room.

Semi Recessed Basins

Semi recessed basins are designed to overhang at the front of a vanity unit and are great for children or people that have difficulty accessing deeper set basins.

They are also great for narrow bathrooms where a slim vanity unit needs to be installed but you still want to maximise your basin space.