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Our Biggest Ever EOFY Stocktake Sale on Now!
Biggest Ever EOFY Sale!

Turner Hastings Novi 75 x 46 Fireclay Single Butler Sink, Universal Flat or Ribbed

Original price RRP $1,798
Current price $1,529
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  • Stunning gloss white or matte white ceramic butler sink
  • A striking Butler Sink, featuring one side that is ribbed, and the other side is flat, so you can choose which style you prefer to show off in your kitchen
  • Ribbed front is gorgeous for classic, heritage and Hampton designs and the flat front is a great modern take on a classic design
  • Solid thick construction
  • Large surface area means you can easily fit oven trays, pots and pans in the sink when they need a good scrub
  • Fine fireclay is fired at a higher temperature than standard ceramic, so the glazing is fused to the clay, making it more durable
  • Higher hot and cold temperature tolerance than standard ceramic
  • Highly stain, scratch and chemical resistant
  • Maintains a consistent white and glossy finish throughout the life of the sink
  • Much more hygienic than stainless steel and is easier to clean
  • Bowl Capacity: 64L
  • We recommend purchasing your kitchen sink before you give final measurements to your kitchen cabinet maker to ensure a flawless fit


    The Novi Single 76 boasts an intelligent double-sided design, ribbed front on one side and flat front on the other. This allows you to install it either way to suit your kitchen design. The ribbed side gives it a Heritage, handmade look, while the flat side is more subtle, working well in contemporary kitchens. Made in Europe, the high quality fireclay and glazing is highly durable. This sink is thermal shock resistant, which means it can withstand fast changes in temperatures such as boiling water, as well as scratch and chemical resistant, unlike other sinks on the market.

    The Turner Hastings matte white butler sink is the first to hit the Australian market. The matte finish provides a modern look, whilst maintaining its durability and its timeless, elegant look.

    What's In The Box

    • Sink
    • 90x50mm Basket Waste