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Toilet Seats: What modern hinge technology is doing for your sleep

Toilet Seat Mishaps...

Ever accidentally slammed the seat in the middle of the night and woken the whole household? It’s something that has been happening for centuries and the whole household’s sleep has been affected accordingly.

A huge benefit to living in the modern era is the many cleverly-designed modern conveniences we often take for granted, that make life easier, make daily tasks and chores more efficient and just make everything run a bit smoother in general.

This is definitely one of them!

The modern luxury of a soft-closing seat is now pretty much standard across toilet suites in Australia and here at The Blue Space, it is all we sell. Soft-closing lids use special hinge fittings that slow the lowering of the lid to a quiet gentle close, so there won’t be any loud surprises in the middle of the night.

As well as the obvious plus of no more clanging toilet seat lids, the benefits of a soft-close lid include that they are safer for families with small children — no more banged or pinched fingers. Plus, they are also easier to clean as often the seat can be completely removed, which is an added relief!


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