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MyDeal Blog – Super Easy Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

Every now and then you need a fresh start. This could be with your clothes, your friends or even your environment. If you come home from a long day and would rather order takeaway then step a foot into your kitchen, that may be a good reason to upgrade your cooking area. You don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to renovate your cooking area, you can just spend a weekend doing some DIY, or even just change one thing in your kitchen and make it feel like it’s brand new!

Sink or Swim
A lack of space for washing up in your kitchen can be a huge turnoff. Your sink may not be large enough to handle the dishes you load into it, or the tap you own may not have the pressure needed to get the remains of a yummy dish off the plate. If you’re nodding your head to any of these issues, you may need to upgrade your sink or tap. You don’t need to hire a plumber for this one, it’s a great project to try if you’re new to DIY. Stock up on everything you need, if you need new valves, water pumps or any other tools and equipment, keep them at the ready. You’ll be on your way to becoming a DIY whizz! Make sure you shut off the water valves and follow directions carefully, though. If your kitchen requires constant care, you can opt for a multi-function tap, so that your washing up chores can get done faster and faster.

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?
Whether you’re a baking goddess or more of a Carrie Bradshaw (who stores her jumpers in her oven), your kitchen can always get an easy upgrade by changing some of the major appliances. If you’re due in for a new fridge, don’t go for the same one you’ve already got; switch things up a bit! Is your aesthetic secretly longing for a ‘50s revival? You can always choose a replica retro fridge (with all of today’s technological advancements) so your kitchen can look like it’s taken straight out of the Jetsons (Rosie the Robot Maid not included). Ovens, fridges and dishwashers can often be a simple, yet effective way to upgrade your kitchen. Since you’re going to use them (almost) every day, why not go for the best?

It’s The Vibe
Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your kitchen whilst you’re cooking? As if the way it’s set up makes things harder for you, or almost impossible? Josh Mammoliti, managing director of The Blue Space, says that the layout can make or break your kitchen, “Optimise your layout to suit your lifestyle. Thinking about how you do (or want) to use your kitchen space first will help everything flow. If you like entertaining, then you may want to tuck the essentials around a corner or in a butler’s pantry which will start to dictate your design from day one.” You can find out more about The Blue Space by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

Expose Yourself
If you look at your kitchen and sigh, maybe you should consider changing the first thing you see and dislike. Take a look at your kitchen; does the colour of the tiles make you a little sick; or is it the cupboards that are making your stomach churn? Aesthetics can make or break a kitchen; if you enjoy spending time in the space, you’re more likely to want stay in there! Some simple ways you can make changes in your kitchen without having to sell a kidney is by investing in peel off splashbacks. They come in a huge range of colours and designs; the limit does not exist. You could also incorporate items that you didn’t even think of as splashbacks! From pegboard, picture frames to recipes on burlap, you can completely redesign your kitchen within a few hours! Adding a new colour into your kitchen can give it the facelift it deserves, plus it’s a great way to breathe fresh life into your home!

Time To Get Personal
If you’re planning to go all out with your kitchen, you should try and incorporate your personality into it. Heide Scherer from tile art specialist, Jennoli Art, believes your tiles should express who you are. “Upgrading your splashback can change the look and feel of your kitchen instantly. Especially if you invest in a personalised kitchen splashback and create tiles you love. Personalised tiles can make such a difference in a kitchen!” You can find more amazing advice and designs by following their Facebook.

If you’re spending a lot of time in your kitchen, why not make it look its best? Sometimes all you need to do to spruce up your food haven is with a lick of paint; you don’t need to smash your piggy bank! Renovating your kitchen is a great way to earn your stripes in DIY, even if you’ve never lifted a hammer before. If you spend a little time working out what you like, make a plan and set some goals, you’ll have the kitchen of your dreams in no time!

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