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MyDeal – 6 Ways To Increase Your Property Value

Everyone wants to get the most out of their property, whether that be in terms of space, style or value. Here are six ways you can increase your property value, from the expert advice from these six professionals.

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Sophie Kost | My Beautiful Abode

Hire A Professional For A Consultation
“When my clients come to me ready to prepare their home for sale I have a series of tips that I always aim to implement….by the time we have finished the project, I often receive the cry of ‘The house looks so good now, why didn’t we do this earlier?’ My best advice is to have a consultation with an interior decorator or stylist about how to make the house as a whole feel good from front door to back, you will then reap the benefits of an attractive (and higher valued) home.” Find out more about My Beautiful Abode by following them on Facebook and Instagram.



Emily Ayers |

Upgrade Your Bathroom (Or Add A Bathroom)
“Bathrooms are one of the most fundamental rooms when it comes to selling your home. New bathrooms (or simply more bathrooms) will make your property a more attractive proposition. Upgrade your bathroom suites and refresh the décor ahead of a sale. A modern looking bathroom will do much more to attract the attention of buyers.” Find out more about by following them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

MyDeal Pro tip:
Just like the bathroom, your kitchen probably needs some love. Even if you’re Carrie Bradshaw in the flesh and you store your jumpers in your oven, it’s important that you upgrade your appliances, make sure your tiles are up to scratch and keep all fixtures such as kitchen taps in ship-shape. The kitchen is a real breadwinner for your home’s value, so keep it looking its best. At points, a new kitchen, or a kitchen upgrade can add up to $60k value on your home. How crazy is that?



Scott Pendlebury | Renovator Store

Upgrade Your Fittings And Fixings
An easy way to add value to a property is to upgrade all the fittings and fixtures in the home. This can dramatically improve the appeal and styling of a house. Everything from floorboards, bathroom fixtures and tapware, the kitchen tap and sink, innovative storage systems such as pull-out pantries, and new lighting and door/cabinet handles can create a refreshed modern appeal to potential buyers. Upgrading to such architectural designer fixtures and surfaces can greatly enhance the luxury feel and value perception of the overall property. However, to profit from such an upgrade it is important that the cost of the new fixtures should be less than the expected increase in the value perception. Therefore concentrate what is within your control: (1) the quality and design of the new fixtures, and (2) the cost of these fixtures. When it comes to cost there is a high variance in the price of high-quality fixtures. Some of it is fair, and some of it is very overpriced. Some showrooms can be more than twice the cost of buying the same fixtures online – remember that when you buy from a showroom a lot of the price goes to paying for the showroom costs, the displays, the salespeople, and the retail margin they demand. You can profit a lot from sourcing smart online – but be sure to avoid the lower quality products and ensure you can return items that do not meet your expectations. Once you get used to shopping from your couch and saving lots of money you will be a happy smart renovator!” Find out more about Renovator Store by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Find out more about increasing your property value with Renovator Store’s free eBook, which you can download here.



Janette Baker | Wallstudio

Paint Your Home
“Painting has to be the cheapest and most effective way to increase a property’s value. It is one of the most popular DIY projects that homeowners take on. It takes very little skill, it’s not too physically intense and the “bang for buck” factor you get from a fresh coat of paint is just so rewarding. When choosing paint colours, it’s important to go for fresh, neutral, on-trend colours if you’re wanting to increase the value of your property. Try and steer away from bright or bold accent walls, instead use different strengths of the one colour. It gives a continuity through the property and doesn’t disrupt the visual flow of the house.” Find out more about Wallstudio by following them on Facebook and Instagram.



Josh Mammoliti | The Blue Space

Upgrade your Current Lighting
“Replace your lighting. Have you ever wondered why real estate agents turn every light on in a home during an inspection? Tired and inadequate lighting can really let your home down come selling time. Simply adding extra or brighter down lights, modern pendants or even floor lamps will give your space kitchen and bathroom warmth and make it feel more inviting.”
Find out more about The Blue Space by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

MyDeal Pro tip:
If you’re planning to sell your home, a great way to increase your property value is by avoiding a renovation that’s too trendy. Sure, you may think that millennial pink is the hottest thing right now (which it unfortunately is), but it doesn’t mean you should douse every room in the house that shade. If you would like to inject a certain trend into your home, why not stick to something simple? You can create a feature wall with a staple colour or a jewel toned rug for your living room. As an alternative to having a permanent addition to your home that is conclusive to a trend, it’s a better option to have something semi-permanent in your home that can be easily taken away.



Tania Bell | Green Room Interiors

It’s All About Presentation
“Presentation is everything when it comes to giving your home the best chance of gaining the best possible sale price. The obvious things like neatening up the garden, making sure all repairs are carried out, projects finished off and bringing in rented furniture can be stated here. However, there is so much more that buyers are expecting these days. You need to appeal not only to the sense of sight but all the other senses. It is proven that any kind of citrus smell in a home gives the impression of increased value. So burn some citrus scented soy candles just before or even during open for inspections. It gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
Additionally, play soft, easy listening music throughout your home, people will be entertained and want to linger longer in this home that seems so comfortable and can imagine living there.” Find out more about Green Room Interiors by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune or changing the entire face of your home. It means upgrading the important things; which can often be the smallest, things you don’t even realise can make a huge difference.

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