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Choosing a basin to suit your lifestyle

While at first glance you may not realise it, all bathroom basins were not created equal. When you go to select your basin, you’ll see there is a variety to choose from, and the best one for your bathroom will depend on your needs, who will be using it, and your lifestyle. So let’s discuss your options, shall we?

Wall basins

These bathroom basins, also known as wall-hung, wall-mounted or pedestal basins are bolted directly into the wall, and don’t need a vanity unit to sit on. Often quite a statement piece, these basins are perfect for small spaces, second bathrooms and bathrooms where storage isn’t needed, or there are other storage options available, like a mirrored cupboard.

Semi-recessed basins

These basins overhang your vanity unit, and although they encroach on your bathroom space, these basins are great options for kids or elderly people, as you can get your body closer to the taps, making them easier to reach. They can also be useful when you need to install a narrow vanity unit into your space but don’t want to compromise on the size of your basin. View our range of semi-recessed basins.

Above counter basins

As the name implies, these basins sit above the counter or bench top. This is a very popular look and also means there is extra storage in the vanity below, since no basin sits into it. This type of basin is also fairly easily to clean, with only the seal around the base a place where dirt and dust often collects. View our range of above counter basins.

Under counter basins

Again, as the name suggests, these bathroom basins sit below the counter (who would have thought?!). This option really shows off your bench choice and maximises bench space, so hair irons, hair dryers, makeup etc can all have more room to spread their beautifying goodness! This option is also — bonus! — the easiest to clean, with no exposed lines or crevices, and the basin that has the most minimalistic look. The only downside is reduced storage since the basin encroaches into the vanity below. View our range of under counter basins.

Inset basins

These basins are gaining popularity, because you get the best of both under and above counter basins, with half the basin above the counter top and half below. View our range of inset basins.

Vanity basins

If you don’t much care for the latest mod cons, a good old-fashioned vanity basin is your best bet. They sit nicely in a vanity top with a slight lip visible above the counter and most of the basin sits below, inside the vanity.

So the choice is yours, but to help you choose the basin that suits you best, consider what you need:

  • Does it need to be accessible for one or two people only— or for more?
  • Is it for a second bathroom or ensuite, where space is a problem? If so, a pedestal or wall-hung basin may be your best option.
  • How much storage will you need? If you have storage elsewhere, then an under counter or wall hung basin won’t be a problem — but if storage is at a minimum, then choose another basin;
  • Do you need a basin where the taps are easy to reach, ether for kids or for accessibility for elderly people? If so, a semi-recessed basin may be the right choice.
  • Lastly, consider the size, whether you need a large or small basin, and make sure it suits the vanity you choose (excepting the wall-hung/wall-mounted/pedestal basin that doesn’t have a vanity).

Take a look at some of our favourite basins:

For bathroom basin inspiration, visit our Sinks & Basins board on Pinterest.

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