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Be kind to your plumber: why you should avoid moving plumbing in your bathroom

You will notice a heavy, grumpy sigh when you are explaining your grand vision of your new bathroom to your plumber and tell him you don’t like the ambience of the current toilet location and want it on the other side of the room. This is because moving plumbing fixtures around in an existing space is a lot more work, and is often very involved.

That said, if your layout is wrong, it is wrong and stump up the extra cash (and give the plumber a case of beer when he is done!).

Plumbing is, of course, located below the floor, behind the walls and often impacts other rooms in your home; so it is not a simple addition of some more pipework. The plumber also needs to ensure the drainage is correct so you do not have any flooding or hygiene issues later on. It is a major rethink in terms of where the plumbing sits within the structure of your home. So if you are on a budget or just not willing to spend much on your bathroom renovation, keep the existing layout in the same spot, and then it is usually a simple case of replacing the existing fittings: out with the old and in with the new!

Sometimes, a complete overhaul IS needed, so it is important to just be aware up front that generally this kind of work, the time it takes and the additional cost will need to factored in from the outset.

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