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Zanda Square Single Cylinder Roller Lock Kit Graphite Nickel

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  • High Security Deadbolt for Entrance doors
  • Graphite Nickel finish
  • Square design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A key is needed to Lock and Unlock from outside, no need for a key to Lock and Unlock from inside, instead is unlocked with a thumb-turn style lever from the interior
  • The Roller Bolt is operated by a push or pull from either side (no lever handle required)
  • Perfectly compliments Zanda Graphite Nickel pull handles
  • It holds shut without locking which is ideal for going outside without being locked out and has a deadbolt for when secure locking is required
  • The roller strength is adjustable
  • Kits include 1140 Roller Lock (57mm backset), Square Escutcheon, 70mm Euro Cylinder (Single)


A stylish Zanda Single Cylinder Deadbolt is a durable, sturdy and secure lock for your doors. Single Cylinder Deadbolts are locked and unlocked with a key from the outside but does not require a key for locking and unlocking from the inside, which instead is unlocked with a thumb-turn style lever from the interior.

A deadbolt lock is distinguished by the locking bolt which extends out of the lock allowing it to go into a wall to secure the door. As this puts a single metal bolt from the door into the wall it makes forcing the door open almost impossible when a deadbolt is locked, perfect for that extra security and protection. 



Stainless Steel


Graphite Nickel

What's In The Box

  • 1140 Roller Lock (57mm backset)
  • Square Escutcheon
  • 70mm Euro Cylinder (Single)
  • 3 keys