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How to Layout your Bedroom: Making the Most of your Space

Bedroom Design Ideas

If you have a small bedroom, this blog is for you. Lack of storage and space can be annoying but it is avoidable! This blog offers some space saving ideas such as hanging things to the wall, storing items under your bed and using light colours to give the facade of a larger room.

Bedroom Layout Considerations

Size of your Room

Before we begin, it is important that you know the space you are working with and what are absolute necessities in your bedroom. A bedroom layout can be simple and easily suited to any space, as long as you are considerate of these few things. Once you have measured out your space, take into account where any built in obstacles may be such as your wardrobe, windows and doors. Now, you can start designing a bedroom layout that suits your needs and overall aesthetic.

Size of your Bed

Arguably the most important feature in your bedroom, your bed will take centre stage and will of course need to be worked around. Consider the size of your bed, and where you would prefer it to sit. Depending on the size of your bed, its position will often be influenced. For example, a double, queen or king size bed often looks most favourable in the centre of your room, while a single bed is more suited to a position next to the wall such as under a window. However, if you happen to have a smaller bedroom with a few essential furniture pieces such as a desk or dresser, then you may need to move your double, queen or king bed up against a wall to allow for a clean fit.

Other Considerations

The next step on how to make your bedroom look better is to consider any other furniture that you need in this room. For example, will you also be treating this space as your work from home office? If so, you will need to account for a desk as well as an appropriate work chair. If you can’t control your shopping and need an extra closet for your clothes, then this will also need to be taken into consideration. Once you have your list of essentials, you can start to properly plan your bedroom layout.

How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

Let as Much Light in as Possible

Whether it's natural light or via light layering techniques, the addition of light will help brighten your space and create a feeling of openness. While we understand that you cannot just knock down your wall and add a huge window, there are a few ways to create the feeling of more natural light in your space. We recommend adding curtains to your bedroom for a luxe finish that also allows for natural light to filter through while still offering security and privacy. Opt for sheer curtains in a pale colour to make your space appear bigger and more opulent, and combine with roller blinds to ensure total privacy at night. We also recommend using paint to your advantage. That is, opting for a light or pale colour for your bedroom walls. Avoid anything too dark or heavy as it will quickly box your room in. Adding a pendant light alongside downlights will also assist in creating the feeling of a larger space.

Maximise Storage Space by Choosing the Right Bed Base

If you are working in a small space, additional storage will become your best friend. A great place to sneak in some extra storage, is under the bed. There are two ways to go about this step. If replacing your bed frame, look for one with built in storage. Under the bed drawers are a fantastic storage solution for things like extra linen, towels, bulky clothes or even shoes. Another option is to find storage crates that fit under your bed nicely. For larger spaces, we love the inclusion of a wall unit for additional storage. Wall mounted furniture is a great way to save on space, and add a touch of class to any room.

Use Mirrors

Here at The Blue Space, we love the inclusion of mirrors in a room to add depth and light. Mirrors work in a way that creates the illusion of additional space while still offering practicality in a room. For more tips on how to work mirrors into your rooms, read our helpful blog on Creating Light & Space in your Home using Mirrors.

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How to Make the Most of a Large Bedroom

Create a Seating Area

For those of you with a beautiful large room, consider these master bedroom layout ideas. If you have extra space to work with after moving your bed and definite furniture choices, then we recommend a few extra pieces to really complete the ultimate bedroom layout. First, we recommend the inclusion of a seating area or conversation pit. This is a truly luxe finish to any room and creates a separate space within your room. Complete this space with an individual pendant hanging over this nook to create division and intimacy.

Make Space for a Dressing Area

This is a fantastic use of space when it comes to designing your bedroom layout. Ensuring you have enough space for your clothes and accessories is a fantastic way to keep things neat and tidy - as well as when you are getting ready. If you have a designated space to change and accessorise, then you know you can simply clean it all up again without impacting on the rest of your space. Use your favourite accessories as ways to style your bedroom, keeping them on display or hung on the wall.

Use the Principles of Feng Shui

While there are a lot of points to consider when it comes to Feng Shui, here are a few that we find to be most beneficial to create a calming and relaxing bedroom environment. Consider pairs of everything. What this means is that you would ideally have 2 bed side tables on either side of your bed, with two lamps and perhaps two seats in your conversation pit. This symmetry promotes a loving and harmonious energy, even if the space is just for you! Another point to remember is your colour scheme. In Feng Shui, certain colours promote ideal senses of calmness, peacefulness and intimacy. To encourage these feelings, opt for skin tones or muted, natural colours such as creams, browns or peach colours. Keep things harmonious throughout your space, pairing your wall paint to your pillows and use complimenting fixtures and fittings such as brushed brass or antique metals.

As we spend many hours of the day and night in our bedrooms, it is important to build a space that compliments your personality and is calming to you. Whether you’re looking for the best way to layout your bedroom or looking for a small bedroom layout with desk, this blog will cross off a number of questions so that you can settle into your new space tonight!

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