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How to Plan Your Reno at Home

Getting reno-ready from the comfort of your couch

For many of us, our renovation goals start from a small idea, thought or dream. But when do we actually get the time to put our thoughts together to create something real? 

Planning your reno from home allows you to plan carefully, and with no rush. Really think about your budget, your style, and the timing! Here are a few tips on how to get started...

1. Moodboards

A moodboard is a collage consisting of images, text, colour palettes, and objects that represent the style you are going for in your bathroom/kitchen/laundry. You are not limited to what you put on your board; it's your style after all! Moodboards are perfect for expressing your style or even figuring out your style, and finding out what will look best in your space. 

Pinterest is a fantastic place to get started. Scroll through thousands of images and "pin" them to your board for later use. When you are planning, always try to refer back to your mood board for the specific room you are doing so you don't get sidetracked, and get different ideas mixed up when you are designing. 

2. Online 3D Bathroom Planner

Being your own designer can be lots of fun! The Blue Space 3D online bathroom and kitchen planner is perfect for visualising what your room will look like. In three easy steps, you can easily design your own space.

  1. Build - Select your room shape and drag/drop the walls to make your space. Add doors, windows, services and more. Change your floor and wall colours/finishes to match your space.
  2. Furnish - Add generic products from our library to see how all of your elements will come together in your space.
  3. View - Create, save, print or email your 3D plan to share with your family or friends. Your details will also be sent to our experts to quote your bathroom or kitchen design.

Our team will put a quote together so you can see all of the products you want on one list, and budget how much it will cost you.

3. Online Shopping

Here at The Blue Space, we make online shopping for your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry needs easy. Put all the items you want in your cart, and have everything delivered straight to your home. Sounds easy? It is! If you ever need more assistance with the choice of your products, you can contact our team on (02) 9674 1000 who will give you the best advice. We can put all of your items from your cart into a quote as well.

We have a wide range of products you can view, which means more options for your reno.

4. Creating a Timeline

Create your ideal timeline. When you would like to get started, when you'd like for the reno to end, and all the bits in between. Remember, give plenty of leeway in your timeline. As some of us might know, reno timelines don't always go exactly the way we'd like them to be. But, with time on your hands, you can truly think about this and not feel too rushed.

So get started, and start planning your reno in the comfort of your own home.

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