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The Ultimate Guide to Rearranging Your Living Room

Living Room Designs

Arranging furniture in any room can be daunting when you’re not an interior designer, especially when looking at an empty room. This guide will give you all the tips and tricks to help you decide where to best place your living room furniture and make the most of your space.

Popular Layout Trends

Symmetrical Layout

A classic look that is best done in large living spaces, is the symmetrical layout. This particular layout will often focus on a centre piece or some kind of architectural feature, such as an impressive coffee table or fireplace, and work outward from there. With symmetry in mind, this is one of the instances where you will want to opt for matching pieces of furniture so that the symmetrical effect can be highlighted. The benefit of a symmetrical layout is that a feeling of balance & calmness is created, and it can often make a room feel more spacious. This layout offers a simple way on how to arrange furniture in a living room as there are ultimately less decisions to be made as the furniture will simple mirror the positioning and look as its counterpart.

Floating Layout

A fairly common layout choice is the floating layout. This design choice is simple, and is based on the premise of bringing your furniture into the centre of the room and away from the walls. This layout is the perfect solution to create the feeling of more space in your room opposed to boxing the space in when positioning furniture against the wall.

L-Shaped Layout

L-shaped living rooms can be a difficult layout to tackle. With many different options for furniture and ensuring to maximise space, the decisions are endless! How much is too much furniture in a living room you might be asking? For this space, sometimes less is more. We would recommend bringing your furniture into the centre of the bigger portion of the L shape, centred around a TV or fireplace. The smaller, offshoot, section of the L shape, is perfect for a more intimate sitting area, or a small dining area should size allow.  

Long Room Layout

One of the key tips for when designing a long living room layout is to keep walkways clear and form a clear path. This is essential in a long room as you do not want to be climbing over furniture or around your coffee table every time you enter your space. Now how do you arrange living room furniture in this space then? This is where you can either utilise your wall space, pushing furniture back to the wall and even opting for wall units that are attached to the wall. Otherwise, you can continue to push furniture into the centre of the space and create a walkway behind.

Other Top Tips

Pick Out your Main Focal Point

What is it that you want your guests to see when they come over? Is your impressive 60” flat screen smart TV the main feature, or do you want the fireplace to be your central meeting point? Once you have made that decision, the type of furniture you choose will be easier and have more direction. Typical of a living room, adequate seating is a must. Comfortable and inviting seating arrangements create a homely and well lived space that people will gravitate towards.  

Create Conversation Areas

Now that you have chosen the perfect centre piece for your room, next comes the complimentary spaces that create division and harmony all at the same time. Conversation areas, also known as conversation pits, are the perfect solution to fill empty spaces, while being practical and cosy. Create a separate space by cornering off this section, such as using a round table in the between plush chairs. This section also allows you to mix and match your furniture as it can compliment your space while still offering a point of difference.

Finishing Touches

Now that you have an understanding of the different ways to style your living room furniture, it's time to select those last finishing touches before you’re ready to settle down with a good book. Here at The Blue Space, we offer a range of furnishings that compliment each other and complete the look and feel of your space. From lighting to curtains, and smart home technology to paint, check out the full range below to complete your Blue Space Renovation!

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