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Top Water Saving Tips

Top Water Saving Tips

We are passionate about water conservation at The Blue Space, and that's why we work with the best brands in Australia to offer the most water-efficient products in the market.

By choosing to install water-efficient products, you will also be saving money on your water and energy bills, absolute win! So we have put together a breakdown of what to look for when shopping for tapware, showers, and toilets. Our top tip,  always check the WELS rating - The more stars, the more water-efficient.

    Make a difference today with small changes such as;

    • Making sure your taps are completely turned off
    • Frequently checking for leaks
    • Taking shorter showers
    • Using recycled water to wash your car and water the garden

    As for product changes in the home, here's a little info to make choosing your products easier. 

    You can save 30,000 to 40,000 litres per year by replacing an old 11-litre single flush toilet suite with a 4-star dual flush toilet.

    The Caroma Profile 5 Toilet Suite Deluxe with Integrated Hand Basin is a WELS 5 star rated toilet. Save up to 70% water when compared to an 11 litre single flush toilet suite and separate hand basin, 10% in comparison to a Caroma 4.5/3L toilet and separate hand basin, and save 17% water when compared to a standard dual flush and separate hand basin. Profile 5 saves water by allowing the same water to be used for two purposes. Fresh water is first used for hand washing and then flows into the cistern to ultimately flush the toilet.

    The Caroma Cleanflush range is a 4-star dual flush, 3L average flush suite. The rimless feature keeps your toilet cleaner for longer as well. Back-to-Wall suites are also one of the most on-trend toilets creating a modern look to the space. 

    By choosing a 3 or 4 star water-efficient showerhead, you could be saving up to 14,500 litres of water each year. You can also save water and energy by cutting down your shower times to four minutes.

    The Phoenix NX Orli range is a great option for having that luxury feel in the bathroom whilst remaining water conscious. This range is available in matte black and chrome! Another one of our favourite showers is the Caroma Contemporary Luna Fixed Overhead Shower. The modern shower head design is perfect for the ultimate shower experience. 

    The most water-efficient taps have a 6-star WELS rating producing a flow rate of 4 litres per minute. Replacing an old 15L/min tap can save you up to 11,000-20,000 litres of water per year! Save even more water by remembering to turn your tap off while you're brushing your teeth! Cutting small habits like this truly make a big difference. We have a wide range of taps on our website available in various finishes. Sussex Taps retain a water-efficient WELS rating, and are avaialble in 30 custom finishes!

    According to Water Corporation, 30% of blockages in our waste system are actually due to fats, oils and grease solidifying in our pipes. Try not to rinse your dirty dishes, but instead scrape the scraps into the bin, or a compost bin! 


    Take a look at our Water Saving Products to see which products you can use in your home. 

    Read more water-saving tips on Love Water Sydney's website.


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