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Bathroom Tapware Tips: How Do I Choose The Right Tap?

Bring your bathroom together with the perfect tapware

While one of the smaller features of a bathroom, there’s no denying that in recent times taps have become somewhat of a feature in the home space. So which bathroom taps are the right taps for your home? We’ll give you an overview of what to look for in your tapware when putting those all-important final touches on your bathroom.

Find the right style of taps for your dream space

When creating your dream bathroom it’s important to choose tapware that fits into the overall style of the space. Are you leaning towards a more traditional and classic style, or a sleek and modern style?

Three Piece Taps

For those looking for a more traditional style of bathroom, three piece taps are perfect for you. These style of taps come with a separate spout and can be used across showers, baths, and basins. While considered the traditional choice of tapware, these taps come in a range of colours and design options, meaning there is something for every type of bathroom.

Important note to remember - your choice of tap will also depend on if you are renovating or starting from scratch. With a new space, there is more freedom of choice when it comes to the tapware you choose. However if you are renovating an existing space, then you will likely need to choose the same style of taps that were already in place.

Mixer Taps

If a sleek and modern touch is what you are looking for, a mixer tap is a great way to achieve this in your bathroom. Whether it be a basin mixer or shower mixer taps, these styles of taps allow you to use the one lever for your hot and cold water flow. Mixer taps are easy to control and allow you to find the perfect temperature of water with a single handle.

One of the great things about both the three piece tap and mixer tap, is that you have the choice of either wall mounted or hob mounted for both. This allows you to not only choose a style you prefer but also a design that fits with your basin, bath or shower.

Tying it all together with the right finish

So what finish is best suited to your three piece or mixer tap? The great thing about each of these tap styles is that they come in a range of finishes, meaning you can really tailor your tapware to suit your overall bathroom design.

Black Tapware

One of the most popular trends in the bathroom space at the moment would have to be black tapware. Black tapware not only creates a great point of contrast in a bathroom but also provides a very clean finish to your space. So for those of you looking to create a beautiful, contemporary bathroom space, it’s time to turn your bathroom taps black because this trend is here to stay!

Brushed Nickel Tapware

A modern touch to the classic chrome, brushed nickel tapware is a great way to bring the traditional silver tap into the modern bathroom. This finish is perfect for those looking to create a neutral and harmonious space, with matte chrome easily complimenting any colour palette. Consider this brushed bath tapware for your bathroom!

Gold Tapware

In recent years taps have become somewhat of an accessory to the bathroom space, used not only for their function but more so to complement and enhance a space. So what better way to compliment your dream bathroom then by accessorising it with gold tapware. Phoenix has perfected making their bathroom taps gold, offering a range of styles in this beautiful colour.

Brass Tapware

A relatively new but similar take on the gold tapware trend, is brushed brass tapware. If you’re wanting to add a little warmth to your space then perhaps consider transforming your bathroom taps brass! More than that, this finish provides a great point of difference to your bathroom, that will most definitely elevate your space.

If you’re interested in this finish, the team at Caroma have done an amazing job bringing this trend to life, with a range of basin, bath and shower taps on offer.

Water-Saving Options

While style and finish are important factors to consider when choosing your tapware, it’s also important to consider the functionality of your tap. Nowadays brands provide great water-saving taps that not only help conserve water but also help you to save money on water and energy bills! Check out the WELS rating on a product when looking for water-saving options - the more stars, the more water efficient.

Need some additional help choosing the perfect tapware for your bathroom? Contact our team of consultants today!

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